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By richbrown (85 McR Points) on Mar 23, 2023

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Written Directions

This is another route out of Laramie WY, only headed south this time. From Laramie, Head south on WY-10 until you reach Wood's Landing/Jelm. At Woods Landing, catch WY-230 S . At the Colorado border, this road turns into CO-127 S. Stay on it and it will merge in CO-125 S. Continue on CO-125 S until you reach the town of Walden CO. In Walden, you will move southeath on CO-14 E. This road weaves between the mountains and stays in the valley, becoming CO-14E/Poudre Canyon Rd. Lots of twisties on this road, getting more technical when you pass Lower Dadd Gulch Trailhead. CO-14E is populated by lots of campgrounds and small resorts. CO-14E exits the mountain range near the town(if you can call it that) of Ted's Place, CO. Here you will take CO-287N all the way back to Laramie. This section follows a low grassland/scrub brush terrain which offers very little technical work.


The main attraction of this ride is the Poudre Canyon Rd: tall imposing rock formations along both sides of the track might possible offer some anxiety to a claustrophobic rider, but the views and challengwes of this road are worth it. Take your time here and stop off at some of the resorts for a snack and a soda.

Drive Enjoyment

Well maintained roads and road signs make staying on this route very easy. Although traffic may be slowed by large trucks, there are opportunitied to pass until you reach Poudre Canyon Rd. Then it's very tight and twistie with limited sight lines.

Tourism Opportunities

Campers and tourists who like small resorts make this location a destination for people who don't need access to big box stores. Picture perfect views make this ride very relaxing. But make sure you fill up on fuel in Walden before starting the next session.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is segment 6 of 8 parts: Ride around the edge of Colorado.

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