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By richbrown (85 McR Points) on Mar 08, 2023

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Written Directions

250 miles. 5 hours 30 mins. 1.Head north on Moccasin Mesa Rd toward Mesa Top Ruins Rd 3.7 mi 2. Turn right onto Mesa Top Ruins Rd 9.2 mi 3. Turn left to merge onto US-160 W toward Cortez 8.2 mi 4. Turn right onto CO-145 N/State St (signs for Dolores/Rico/Telluride) 0.3 mi 5. Turn left onto E Empire St 1.9 mi 6. Turn right onto US-491 N /N Broadway Continue to follow US-491 N Entering Utah 57.5 mi 7. Continue straight to stay on US-491 N 2.0 mi 8.Turn right onto US-191 N /N Main St Continue to follow US-191 N 50.4 mi 9. Continue straight to stay on US-191 N 3.4 mi 10. Continue straight onto S Main St 295 ft 11. Head west on E Center St toward Main Street Alleyway 266 ft 12. Turn right onto US-191 N /N Main St 2.5 mi 13. Turn right onto UT-128 E 41.6 mi 14. Turn right onto UT-128 7.9 mi 15. Continue straight 2.7 mi 16. Continue onto Agate /BLM 179 3.4 mi 17. Turn left onto Agate Siding 1.6 mi 18. Turn left to stay on Agate Siding 4.0 mi 19. Continue onto Kokopelli Trail 1.4 mi 20. Turn left onto BLM 191 /Down Harley Dome 2.1 mi 21. Turn right onto BLM 192 /Down Harley Dome /Harley Dome Rd 5.2 mi 22. Continue onto Old US Hwy 6 & 50 0.4 mi 23.Turn right onto BLM193/Old Hwy Harley Dome/Old US Hwy 6 & 50 Continue to follow Old US Hwy 6 & 50. Entering Colorado 17.6 mi 24. Continue onto US-6 BUS W 3.3 mi *Please note that these directions would look a lot better if I was just map a general trip passing through Moab.


The day starts out with open Mesa terrain and occasional tall rock formations which a climber would love to get at. At Cortez, if you want to add an hour and a half to your day, take 491 S to 160 and hit the 4 corners. From Cortez to Moab, the road is smooth sweepers and small hills. Meanwhile the hills around the path begin to close in and force the road to stick with the terrain. Moab is an adventure rider's paradise. Open dune buggies and high lifted tours are available for the tourist. There is lots to do in Moab and it would make a good rest day location if I had it to do over again. Arches National Park is close by here also. From Moab,the ride begins to get more technical. Starting with high scrub bushes into pinched valleys and then up and over the The mountain roads are not as manicured here and there are some very tight switchbacks. The good news is the roads are relatively deserted. A beautiful day if riding in all.

Drive Enjoyment

The only busy parts of this segment are the roads in and out of Moab, and the section of Old HWY 6 on the otherside of I-70 into Loma. Open 2 lanes the other parts of the ride. If you stopped to take pics of every dramatic landscape you might never make it to Loma.

Tourism Opportunities

Moab is a huge tourist destination: hiking, biking, rock climbing etc. Another tourist draw is Arches National Park. Again, there are stretches of road without any types of services, to keep the gas tank topped off.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is segment 4 of the Edge of Colorado ride.

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