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By Jeremiah16.19 (164 McR Points) on Dec 14, 2020

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Christopher Kmet
321 McR Points
May 31, 2021
Wow! Add this route to your must ride list.…

Written Directions

This route begins on FSR25 in the town of Randle on Highway 12 between Morton and Packwood. Follow this road for 20 miles to the Windy Ridge turnoff (FSR99). Ride up FSR 99 some 16 miles to the Windy Ridge Viewpoint. 36 miles total means one still has to re-route back out.


While FSR25 is basically a ride in the forest, the twisty route to Windy Ridge more than makes up for it. Views from the numerous turnouts along FSR99 are spectacular and panoramic — from Mt St Helens to Mt Adams. The closeup view over Spirit Lake and St Helens is awe-inspiring.

Drive Enjoyment

This ride is a bit of a rite of passage, especially when combined with the remainder of FSR 25 as it continues south towards Yale from the FSR99 turnoff. There's a reason for that: FSR 25 is a total bump, bounce, potholed, pavement-sloughing, asphalt-cracked, runoff damaged, blind-cornered "thrill-fest". It's one of those rides where everyone is obliged to "say" how great it is, but no one actually believes it — at least those who ride cruisers. Fortunately, the better paved and scenic FSR99 makes it worth the pain. There are still some gravel bits, gravel in the corners, frost heaving but nothing too hectic on the way up to the St Helen's viewpoint.

Tourism Opportunities

The only tourism opportunity along here is the Windy Ridge Viewpoint.

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Christopher Kmet
May 31, 2021
321 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
Wow! Add this route to your must ride list. This route has it all!
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