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By Bryan98801 (5 McR Points) on Jul 06, 2013

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September 4, 2016
Great road for a 1.5-2h roadtrip. The road is in…

Written Directions

From Wenatchee start on 97 Alt North to Chelan. Ride through Chelan stopping for lunch and a nice dip in the lake. Cross the Beebe Bridge on the north end of town. Ride south on 97 back to Wenatchee.


97 Alt towards Chelan offers great views of the Rocky Reach dam. Lake Chelan is gorgeous and that's not including the bikinis swimming at the beach. Coming back down 97 on the east side of the Columbia river offers beautiful views of the orchards that make the valley a great place to live.

Drive Enjoyment

Not a bad ride as far as road conditions. A couple spots may have construction depending on the time of year. Watch out for big horn sheep as well as falling rocks on the way to Chelan. Not too twisty but definitely not a boring ride. Gentle curves and nice straight sections give less seasoned riders a chance to enjoy as well as those looking to just get out there for the sake of riding.

Tourism Opportunities

Plenty of places to stop if you're taking it slow. Wenatchee offers lots of great places to eat as well as Chelan. You're never too far from a rest stop at a gas station or a state park.

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Highway 97 Columbia River Loop
Highway 97 Columbia River Loop
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September 4, 2016
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Great road for a 1.5-2h roadtrip. The road is in good condition, new pavement most sections, no work being done. Traffic is light, not a heavy truck route. There's not many pullouts or sections easy to pass another car on, but no car was especially slow on my ride.
The road is of mostly long fast turns, with a few tight turns in the Chelan Falls area close to the Beebe bridge. Scenery is wonderful and landscape is either desert and rocky, or orchards.
In the late afternoon the sun sets behind the hills and most of the route is shades, so be prepared for a bit of chill and a bit of breeze in some sections. It makes for a great sunset lit view of the mountains.
Great route! Enjoy!
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