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By calinp (3 McR Points) on Sep 04, 2016

Creator : calinp
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Great road for a 1.5-2h roadtrip. The road is in good condition, new pavement most sections, no work being done. Traffic is light, not a heavy truck route. There's not many pullouts or sections easy to pass another car on, but no car was especially slow on my ride.
The road is of mostly long fast turns, with a few tight turns in the Chelan Falls area close to the Beebe bridge. Scenery is wonderful and landscape is either desert and rocky, or orchards.
In the late afternoon the sun sets behind the hills and most of the route is shades, so be prepared for a bit of chill and a bit of breeze in some sections. It makes for a great sunset lit view of the mountains.
Great route! Enjoy!

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