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By donvangilder (29 McR Points) on Aug 19, 2021

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29 McR Points
October 10, 2021
Great nature ride with lots of animals and fauna…

Written Directions

This is a GREAT ride for looking at wildlife/wildflowers, just 20 minutes from downtown Denver. Also a great spot to take a passenger if they're new to motorcycles and don't want to go fast. No twisties, but great scenery on this 11 mile one way "Wildlife Drive." 35 mph speed limit, but I opened it up a bit since it was empty when I went. Open from sunrise to sunset, no fee to enter. I'll be going back, for sure. Can't believe I've never been here until recently.


Antelope, deer, prairie dog farms, bald eagles, even some buffalo. Pretty wildflowers throughout.

Drive Enjoyment

You won't be going fast due to speed limit. Didn't see any potholes, and mostly straight, with some gentle curves throughout.

Tourism Opportunities

Plenty of places to stop and hike, or stop just to enjoy the scenery. There's also a Visitor's Center that I didn't go into.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

If you want to show out of town guests a great spot for wildlife very close to DIA, look no further than RMA NWR.

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October 10, 2021
29 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Great nature ride with lots of animals and fauna only minutes from downtown Denver!
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