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By nlion91 (22 McR Points) on May 25, 2024

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Written Directions

Start anywhere in downtown Tyrone, (I like the Sheetz on Logan Ave), and proceed onto 453 North. Around 11 miles in you'll join with 253. Follow 253/453 for another 4 miles. In Ramey 453 branches off, stay on 253 for another 5 miles. In Houtzdale 253 becomes 53, follow 53 for 9 miles. In Osceola Mills turn right off of 53 (State St) onto Curtin St, then continue onto State St for another 4 miles to a stop sign. Turn right onto Tyrone Pike, Route 350. Follow 350 for 11 miles until you reach the Sky Mart on your left.


This is a beautiful run; through several small, quaint Pa towns that are still vibrant with activity, finishing with a beautiful stretch through State game lands.

Drive Enjoyment

This run is country road heaven with very few places for stops and several areas of windy roads to get your lean on. Speed limits range from 45-55 and in a lot of places you'll need to stick to that with the curves. The only downside is that it is all one lane, so you may get caught behind a slow vehicle, in which case I just pull off and wait a min to give them space.

Tourism Opportunities

Not much in the way of touristy things, in less you count the state park. A lot of cool, small Pa towns to see though and the occasional Amish cart.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

If you live in Central Pa this is a must ride! The last part on 350 is especially fun, I highly recommend for all riders. Also, this can easily be turned into a loop by starting at the Sky Mart and taking 550 to 453, adds about 10 mins.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review