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By GJRonK (2513 McR Points) on Oct 11, 2020

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Written Directions

Start at greater downtown Toponas. As you leave the central business district, head east on Hwy. 134. You will be leaving a wide open grassy park area and gradually climb up some canyons toward the tree line of tall cone bearing trees. (Looks like Christmas just after a snow!) Gore Pass, at 9524' is about two-thirds of the way. Then drop down into Middle Park. The route ends at the intersection of Hwy. 40, about 6 miles north of Kremmling.


At lower elevations, the vegetation is pretty sparse, while as you climb up, the pines and spruces cover all the area. There are patches of white barked aspen trees, which have the bright yellow leaves in the early fall. Usually aspen grow in groves together as all the trees in a grove are actually shoots from the original tree. They are rarely isolated as are the ever green conifer trees - around here are pine and fir. Some low areas among the trees have low bushes called mountain mahogany along with occasional beaver dams. The views come mostly as you drop down from the pass and see the mountains to the east beyond Middle Park. Several spots along the way have old cabins with old log fencing where one wonders how those pioneers managed the cold winters. The lower elevations get extremely cold as cool air from the mountains drops down in the winter.

Drive Enjoyment

Surprisingly, the pavement is good asphalt with few spots of any bother. The curves are medium speed, with sharper ones as you approach either Gore Pass or another lower pass. Many of the curves are blind due to the cliff sides or trees growing right up to the shoulders. The valley just before getting to Middle Park is pretty colorful with its layers of colored soil. Along this stretch are some old cabins and a number of new homes spaced some distance apart. As this isn't a direct route to any major city, the traffic is almost always pretty light.

Tourism Opportunities

In the fall, there are many temporary hunting camps along the route. In some spots, ATV riding is done a lot in the summer and cross country skiing is enjoyed in the winter. At the nearby Kremmling, are various outfitters for mountain activities. 23 miles east of Kremmling is Granby where boating is big and almost all services are available.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

During the winter, this is sometimes used as an alternate route for the major Hwy. 40 if Rabbit Ears Pass is closed.

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