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By pods (31 McR Points) on Jan 16, 2016

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October 7, 2016
This route can be ridden in 1 day, but it's long…

Written Directions

Start in Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario, Canada), take Hwy 17 North to Wawa then 101 east to Chapleau and finally south on 129 to Hwy 17 at Thessalon then return west to the Soo. Side trip on to St. Joe's Island (Hwy 548 adds another 1.5 hours of unique, straight but scenic riding.


The tour follows the Lake Superior shoreline North to Wawa, then inland through the heart of the boreal forest, with a section tight to the Mississauga River and cliffs on the other side. Hwy 17 from Thessalon to the Sault (Soo) contains, hills and sweepers through farmland and forest, but along the North Shore of Lake Huron.This route combines the two largest great lakes, Superior and Huron, for half of the tour.

Drive Enjoyment

A wide mix of roads, Hwy 17 north is top quality, follows the lake, with larger hills, and medium and sweeping curves. 101 runs through forest, and some sections are average. 129 is low traffic, with medium length straights, lots of sweepers, but gets tighter curves as it follows the river at the. Lots of curves throughout the whole route.

Tourism Opportunities

The Soo is a modern City of 70,000 with all the amenities. Wawa is a small town, but hotels, camping etc. Chapleau and Thessalon the other 2 corners, have gas, motel, and restaurants.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

A side trip to St. Josephs (St. Joes) island takes 1.5 hours to ride the island..straight roads, but water everywhere, and good restaurants in 2 towns (you can't miss them). A side trip on Hwy 638 between Echo Bay, near the Soo and Bruce Mines, Hwy 17 E is another treat for curves, hills, forests and scenery. Road quality has a few poor areas, but all easily passable.

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October 7, 2016
31 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
This route can be ridden in 1 day, but it's long. A 2 day trip makes it more enjoyable. It formed the main part of a Cannonball 500 (mile) ride in Spring 2016. There is a wide variety of road types, from the TransCanada (Sault to Wawa and Thessalon to Sault), and secondary hwy. the balance. Very scenic, you run along Lake Superior north of the Sault.. fantastic views, the rest is mainly forest and Cambrian shield (small mountains), and the strip from Thessalon to Sault is dotted with farms, but scenic area throughout.
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