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By PaulC (792 McR Points) on Aug 25, 2021

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Written Directions

Travel 3 kms west of Bancroft Ont. to get to the east end of Monck Rd. The west end of Monck Rd. can be found at Cardiff, on Hwy #118.


Riding along Monck Rd. you almost feel like you are taking a forest trail through the woods. The entire 14 kms traverses old growth forest. In the autumn, with the leaves changing colour, this ride makes for magnificent scenery and fantastic pictures.

Drive Enjoyment

Monck Rd. is one of the oldest provincial roads north of Toronto. It winds through forested land, and is absent of any structures or traffic. The road surface is in surprisingly good shape for such an old road. You must note there are two stretches, each 1-2 kms long, of hard-pack gravel. There is a little loose gravel on a hard surface gravel road, and really doesn't present any problems for motorcycles.

Tourism Opportunities

There is nothing on this road in terms of amenities. You are in the woods! Banff, 3 kms to the east, has everything one would need regarding gas, food and accommodations.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

The route of Monck Road was surveyed in 1864 to 1865, and built by 1873. Monck Road’s original purpose was twofold; firstly, that of opening up a wilderness area to settlement; secondly, it was intended to serve as an alternate military route from the upper Great Lakes to the Ottawa Valley. At that time the only other route was the St. Lawrence River, which was vulnerable to American attack.

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