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By Mid Life Crisis (37 McR Points) on Aug 16, 2013

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November 22, 2019
I have a bone to pick with this route. I don't…

Written Directions

From Marmet, take WV-94 South 10.5 miles to WV-3 South. WV-3 will lead directly into Beckley. (58.5 miles)


West Virginia is mountains with many hills and turns. This route is spectacular for seeing new and old coal mines. The small towns that you pass through are right along the road, houses with walking bridges cross small creeks between the road and house. There are some pull offs to take pictures of coal mines and scenic views

Drive Enjoyment

There are a lot of turns and twisties on WV-3 and the road conditions are good as well. You can take the curves at 10 mph over the posted curve signs, but be aware of any posted sign under 25 mph, it means what the sign says.

Tourism Opportunities

There are many small towns along the way, however, most do not have gas stations or restaurants along the way. There are some along the way but just be ready to stop to enjoy them. In Whitesville, there is the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial to honor those who were killed in the mine explosion. Very nice stop along way to rest from the curves.

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The people in WV are extremely friendly, they were very proud of the state and helpful with eateries and finding out of the way attractions.

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November 22, 2019
3916 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
I have a bone to pick with this route. I don't blame the author, what I blame is how it looks zoomed out, which is great. However, when you zoom in further, what do you see? Towns. Lots of towns. Lots and lots of towns. This route nearly put me and my two wingmen to sleep in the non-stop stream of 25 and 30 mile an hour residential roads. Sure, you wiggle a bit through these towns, but you can't get anything resembling speed due to school zones, churches, grocery stores and the like. If you are a cruiser dude or a tourer, you may like this. It may even look particularly good and Autumn. I wasn't there for all of that, I mapped the route out without viewing all the towns. Don't make that mistake. Cruiser / touring road.
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