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By Akumu (3839 McR Points) on Nov 22, 2019

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I have a bone to pick with this route. I don't blame the author, what I blame is how it looks zoomed out, which is great. However, when you zoom in further, what do you see? Towns. Lots of towns. Lots and lots of towns. This route nearly put me and my two wingmen to sleep in the non-stop stream of 25 and 30 mile an hour residential roads. Sure, you wiggle a bit through these towns, but you can't get anything resembling speed due to school zones, churches, grocery stores and the like. If you are a cruiser dude or a tourer, you may like this. It may even look particularly good and Autumn. I wasn't there for all of that, I mapped the route out without viewing all the towns. Don't make that mistake. Cruiser / touring road.

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