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By CougSean (10 McR Points) on Mar 21, 2014

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June 1, 2016
Don't miss this road. Beautiful, great condition…

Written Directions

Heading west out of Pullman past Sunnyside Park on Old Wawawai Rd, continue across the highway along Route 194 or Wawawai Rd. Continue down Wawawai Grade road toward Wawawai County Park. Follow the Snake River back towards Lewiston, ending at the bottom of the Spiral Hwy.


Pulling out of Pullman, this route begins by following some ridge lines above some Palouse farm land, though with longer sightlines than your typical Palouse road. Then, you will cruise down a windy grade headed down toward the Snake River and Wawawai County park,with smooth curves and blackberries all along the side of the road. Finally, you will follow right along the Snake River back toward Lewiston with a great view of the river valley.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are patched up in places but once they clean the winter gravel off the windy Wawawai Grade Rd you are good to go!

Tourism Opportunities

Wawawai County Park has beautiful camping sites along side a bay perfect for swimming or paddling out into. There are also many picnic and BBQ sites, all you can eat blackberries all summer long, and a cute little hiking trail. This park is seldom very crowded and a great stop off point for water and bathrooms.

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This route is best continued up along the Spiral Highway headed back toward Pullman.

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June 1, 2016
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Don't miss this road. Beautiful, great condition, and no one on it!
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