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Written Directions

The easiest way to describe how to get to this route is to take US 395 north from Spokane to the town of Kettle Falls, which is about 70 miles north of Spokane. Once you get to Kettle Falls, start this route by taking State 25 all the way up to Northport. Route 25 is marked pretty well so you should have no problem.


Beautiful ride along the upper Columbia River, plenty of mountains and forest to see. You'll see the Franklin D Roosevelt Lake and its Coulee National Dam Recreation Area. This gorgeous ride in Northeast Washington state hugs the Columbia River and takes you all the way to within 10 or so miles of the Canadian border. Occasional deer so keep an eye out!

Drive Enjoyment

The road is in good to excellent shape throughout and lots of winding roadway. Traffic is pretty light, though there is some tractor-trailer traffic. There are also a number of hills so you get all kinds of variety on this route.

Tourism Opportunities

There are amenities in Kettle Falls, Marcus, and Northport. The rest of the way is pretty wide open and lacking in amenities.

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