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By PileDriver (77 McR Points) on Aug 09, 2018

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Written Directions

*Head south out of Allyn on WA-3 for 18 miles. *In Shelton, turn left onto 1st St and follow it 2.75 miles through town making sure to veer left to follow the road at the Pizza Hut. *Turn left to merge onto US-101 towards Olympia. *Follow US-101 south for about 12.5 miles, then take exit toward US-101 N/WA-8 W/Shelton/Aberdeen *Turn right onto 2nd Ave and go .2 miles. *Turn left onto McKenzie Rd and go 1.2 miles. *Turn right onto Delphi Rd and go 8.3 miles. *Turn left onto 110th Ave and go 1 mile. *Turn right onto Littlerock Rd and go 2.2 miles. *Turn right onto Maytown Rd, then left back onto Littlerock Rd and go another 4.2 miles. *Turn left onto Sargent Rd and go 3.6 miles. *Turn left onto 196th Ave and go .4 miles. *Turn right onto Elderberry St and go .3 miles, then Elderberry St becomes Old Hwy 99 and go 2.5 miles, then Old Hwy 99 becomes Harrison Ave and go another 3.8 miles, then Harrison becomes Main St and go another .6 miles. *Turn right onto Pearl St and go .4 miles. *Veer left onto the southbound Viaduct and go .3 miles, then the Viaduct becomes Gold St and continue another mile, then Gold St becomes National Ave and go another 1.4 miles and then stay left in the lane then turn right onto Chamber of Commerce Way and go .4 miles to cross back over I-5. *Turn left onto Louisiana Ave and go 1 mile, then Louisiana Ave becomes Riverside Dr and go another .5 miles. *Veer left onto Newaukum Ave and go .3 miles, then Newaukum Ave becomes Shorey Rd and go .6 miles. *Veer right onto Devereese Rd and go .9 miles. *Turn left onto Old Hwy 603 and go 5.4 miles. *Turn right onto Birch Ave/Old Hwy 603 in Napavine and go 6.4 miles. *Turn left onto WA-505/Walnut Street in Winlock and go 19.2 miles through Cowlitz and Toledo to Spirit Lake Hwy.


This route is primarily a way to get to Mt. St. Helens (where the real scenery is!) without having to go on I-5. The scenery on this route is mostly sprawling farms and rural homes sprinkled with small towns and heavily wooded areas.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are all paved and in good condition. This is a meandering ride through the countryside and small towns. There are not any twisties or technical sections to speak of.

Tourism Opportunities

There are restaurants, hotels, and fuel stops in all the larger towns. Shelton has a to-die-for BBQ joint called Smoking Mo's. My friends and I will make the hour trip to Shelton just to have supper there (be sure to check their hours before you go). Sister's Restaurant is also a good place to grab breakfast in Shelton. Little Creek Casino is located on US-101 and has plenty of lodging, entertainment, and food. Grand Mound has a Great Wolf Lodge water park and resort. Powersports Northwest in Centralia does good work in case you run into mechanical issues.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Link this route with the "Gig Harbor to Allyn on 302" and the "Spirit Lake Highway" routes and you have a scenic way to get from the Kitsap Peninsula all the way to Mt. St. Helens without having to deal with I-5 traffic.

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