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By jacob330 (6 McR Points) on Aug 29, 2011

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Written Directions

Leaving Addy, Wa head west on the Addy-Gifford RD. Follow the road and enjoy the corners for 23 miles, turn left on Highway 25 and head to the Gifford-Inchelium Ferry. This is a great way to take a break and still keep the trip moving. Leaving Inchelium, take the Twin Lakes Rd/Bridge Creek Rd west towards Highway 21. This road was quite challenging for our sport bikes but still so much fun. Head south on Highway 21 toward Keller, the road turns into a nice sweeping road along side the river and leads you right down to the Keller Ferry. Both ferry crossings are free and there is not a long wait, once leaving the ferry on the other side the rode begins to climb sharply. The first 180 degree switchback caught us off guard, lucky for us the traffic on these roads are minimal.


The first half of the trip is mountainous and treed, the ferry crossings give you a good chance to snap some photos and motorcycles are always on and off first. Once you hit Highway 21 the road is lined with tall trees, leaving Keller the scenery opens up to the typical easter Wa sage land but follows along side the river.

Drive Enjoyment

This route had an impressive road quality, all corners were well paved and not patched, the elevation gain/loss kept mixed with the twisties kept our bikes leaning over trying to get rid of those "chicken strips". We ran into some road construction just west of Inchelium, by the time you are reading this the road should be finished making the entire route a well paved ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Fill up before you start the ride, there is one gas station in Addy with good services. There is one gas station in Keller but no premium fuel. Both ferries are free, if they're not busy and they see you waiting on the other side then they'll cross just to pick you up. Wilbur has the widest variety of food with "Billy Burger" and "Doxie's Dine In.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This was the first part of my 5 day motorcycle ride, the road leaving the Keller Ferry was by far my favorite with the sharpest turns and steepest climbs. Not much traffic means not many cops but don't get carried away, most of this ride is on the Colville Indian Reservation and the tribal cops know how to drive those roads.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review