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By Spainmotorcycle.com (15 McR Points) on Nov 05, 2012

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Written Directions

This route start in Lozoya Town, where you take M-637 north for about 11 Km then switch to SG-612 heading north for about another 11 Km until you get to N-110 where you want to go northeast. Stay on N-110 for about 6 Km until you get to Matabuena where you want to go north on Ctra de Pedraza a Matabuena. Go about 6 Km north and you will finish in Pedraza.


Navafria Mountain have and excellent alpine landscape. This is a very dense forest mainly pines. But the most important is that this road is absolutely unused by cars. The reason is that there are other ways much shorter and faster to cross the mountains, so this way is always empty. The only you can find in the road are some cows, (be careful with this). In Spring calves will run beside you in the road. The mothers, the cows, will be looking you, but do not worry, they are use to see motorcycles, and if you do not touch the calves, they will not touch you. One thing that can be dangerous is that as this road is absolutely unused, especially in bussines days, some drivers go to drive cars very sportly. You must to be aware if you hear a car engine roaring, because there is not to much places to avoid a car if it appears very quickly.

Drive Enjoyment

As almost nobody use this road. It is not so good as usual in Spain. Of course it is paved, and the pavement is not too bad, but it is very narrow. Even two cars must cross slowly. (This is the reason is dangerous to find in front a rally car.

Tourism Opportunities

Do you think that a time machine is a roadside amenity?. I do. And Pedraza is a town where you will find that you have used a time machine and you are in 16th century. Pedraza is a small walled town, that keep exactly as it was in 16th century. Cars and bikes must be parked in a free parking, so you will not see cars parked inside the town. You can walk the stone streets of this medieval town, you will love this. And for lunch, a tipycal

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A fantastic route for ride with a surprising end.

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