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By MikeSchratz (10 McR Points) on Oct 21, 2012

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March 2, 2013
Did this Thanksgiving 2012 weekend nice route But…

Written Directions

Starting at City Limit Customs in Springfield, GA take Hwy 119 north thru Clyo, Ga and over the Savannah River into Garnett, South Carolina. Turn Left onto Augusta Stage Coach Rd and go 13 miles, right on Branch Rd. State Rd S-3-104 for 2 miles. Turn left onto S Carolina 3 N/River Road and ride that for 22 miles. Left onto S Carolina 125 N/Augusta Hwy and continue for 38 miles and on into Scenic Augusta, GA.


This route begins in scenic Springfield, Ga and takes Rte 119 thru Clyo, Ga and over the Savannah River into South Carolina. A beautiful ride through tree lined roads and into Garnett, SC. Augusta Stage Coach Rd is through dense forests and plantations. Once on River Rd (Rte 3), it is 22 miles of country roads and farmland. Making the left onto Rte 125, also called Atomic Drive, you take it through the Savannah River Nuclear Bomb Plant (you cannot stop on the road going through the bomb plant) for 11 miles. It is a beautiful ride and very relaxing on to I-20 in Augusta Georgia.

Drive Enjoyment

These roads are primarily flat until you get onto Rte 125 where it begins to become somewhat hilly. The roads on this route are good to excellent being all paved and main thouroughfares.

Tourism Opportunities

Roadside amenities are sparse once out of Springfield, GA until getting throught the Savannah River Nuclear Bomb Plant. Once through the plant, Augusta has all the amenities needed.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Once you enter the Savannah Nuclear Bomb Plant it is illegal to stop on the side of the road.

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March 2, 2013
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Did this Thanksgiving 2012 weekend nice route But becareful or you will miss 103 and the road turns to dirt. Real nice pace and lots of scenery. No place to stop for gas or grits until you get to Augusta so take what you need. Thanks for the Option guys :)
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