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By FLHRCI03 (217 McR Points) on Apr 15, 2020

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Written Directions

Start your route from the intersection of Savanna Highway and Route 174 and take Route 174 south to and through the town of Adams Run. Continue on Route 174 south which will go straight to the beach.


This is a good road with sweeping curves it's pretty flat because your in the LOW COUNTRY. You'll be riding through swamps and shaded roadways with GREAT OAK trees hanging over the road covered with Spanish Moss. As you get closer to the ocean you can feel the Temp drop and smell the salt air. Crossing onto Edisto Island you will see the international waterway . Watch you speed as you near the beach they watch the traffic pretty close. I don't know why anyone would want to drive this route fast it's so beautiful you might miss something. Enjoy the ride and it's just as beautiful going back you can end back up in Hollywood on 165 or take 164 back to Savanna Highway. It's all good!

Drive Enjoyment

The Road has sweeping curves and is flat the air is fresh and the trees keep it shaded all day long. Pavement is good asphalt and traffic can get a bit heavy and of course you will always have someone in a hurry so be careful.

Tourism Opportunities

Edisto doesn't have a lot of tourist things. One or two shops that sell beach stuff and a grocery store several restaurants but don't look for the golden arches or walmart here. There are none and that's wonderful. There is a state park with a camp ground and of course a marina and golf course.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review