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By Eduardo Espinoza (10 McR Points) on Apr 25, 2018

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Written Directions

A good starting point is in the arches of the cd of Queretaro, we recommend you take the old road to the canyon is a rural route in good condition, is the road 200, very few curves and travel about 15 miles to the junction with the Highway 100 that leads directly to the Pena de Bernal.


The road is not extraordinary, it is a good road but the extraordinary thing is to reach the magical town of Bernal, however it has its charm as you pass through small typical and rural populations of Mexico

Drive Enjoyment

The whole road has a very good asphalt, there is no danger, with very few curves, you just have to be careful in the 200 because it is a populated area and you must respect the speed limits. the road is in optimal conditions

Tourism Opportunities

Bernal is a magical, charming town, La Pena de Bernal is the third largest monolith in the world, 1 is located in the town of Bernal that belongs to the municipality of Ezequiel Montes in the state of QuerAFAtaro, Mexico. According to studies, the rock was formed from a volcano that exhausted its activity, then the lava inside became solid and the erosion suffered over the years made the remains of the volcano disappear. The solid magma that remained is what constitutes and shapes the monolith. You can arrive with the motorbike to the center of the town and enjoy its small streets full of cafes, bars and restaurants. whichever you choose will be a good place. Would like to try online slots in Australia? Before that, look at this post written by gambling experts. They share their thoughts about online slot games with valuable details considering the finest games, software providers, payout percentage, and the rest of the significant atributes. Besides, you will learn whether it is better to play for real funds or for free. You can not leave without trying the "gorditas" a typical dish from the delicious area. a flavor snow (ice cream) and walk around the rock and fill with energy. If you still want to continue with the route a few miles you will find the vineyard round a beautiful place to visit and learn more about the wine culture of the region

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