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By Mr Eyebr0wz (5 McR Points) on Jun 12, 2012

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Written Directions

The route is a loop in three town, Coventry, Foster, and Scituate. Start off at the intersection 116 and 117 in Coventry, RI. Follow RI-117 West, Turn right onto 102 heading North. Merges into RI-14. Follow 14 until you get to 116. Turn right on 116. Follow that until you have reached the starting point. Of course you can start off on the route that is closest to you.


This route goes though the green trees of western Coventry and into Foster and Scituate. You go over many lake including the Flat River Reservoir in Coventry and the Scituate Reservoir.

Drive Enjoyment

Curves and twists through out the ride but nothing to get your heart pumping.. It is move of a peaceful ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Not to much for Amenities. There are a couple of Ice Cream shops on the way and a few gas stations.

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