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By Miguel (20 McR Points) on Jan 11, 2015

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Written Directions

Alffndega da Fe - Trancoso - Guarda - Covilh? - Ponte de S'r - Barragem de Montargil


Along this roads the view is a little bit different from the ones we left behind. Mountains and rocks along with the highest mountain of Portugal continental, finishing with a beautiful lake.

Drive Enjoyment

The pavement is good offering rolling hills and not too many curves.

Tourism Opportunities

We'll have a quick stop in Trancoso another castle village and then straight to 2000 meters. After living the mountain we'll have a change of view for plain fields. Arriving to the lake we have our hotel and a day to relax with water sports or only the Spa.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

On the way down by the inside of the country we'll meet Covilh? and "Serra da Estrela" where I live my childhood before going to Lisbon. Was there, where I learned to ski on the slopes of the highest mountain of Portugal continental, by the age of 7. It's a small village that is situated in the slope of the mountain, so here or you go up or down. We can find the only ski resort this country has. Is very small comparing with the Alpes, but cozy. More south starts "Alentejo" wish is very plane with a lot of trees, specially cork trees and the lake of Montargil where I started to do waterski it's a very relaxing place. The life here goes very slow and the people are known as being all the time relax and slow. The food is also fantastic as the wine.! You can find hunting food like boar and partridge.

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