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By RideInRain (5 McR Points) on Oct 09, 2014

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November 5, 2018
This is an awesome stretch, one lane, very safe…

Written Directions

This route is a paved alternative to riding the few mile section of Nestucca River Road that is hard pack gravel. Nestucca River Rd has already been routed on this site. Heading west out of Carlton you are on NW Meadowlake Rd. NW Meadowlake turns into NW Nestucca Access Road. You will see McGuire Reservoir on your left. The next major PAVED intersection on the left after the reservoir is Bald Mountain Access. Note, that this intersection does not have any signage indicating that it is Bald Mountain Access. I would suggest using the google street view function to get a look at this intersection if needed. Continue onto Bald Mountain Access. 14 Miles later you will come to a large Y. This large Y is SW Bible Creek. Make a right onto Bible Creek. 5 miles later you will return to Nestucca River Rd. Make a left at the stop sign and continue your trip to the 101.


I've ridden this route many times, and prefer it to riding Nestucca River the whole way through. Turning left onto Bald Mtn Access, you immediately start a winding twisty ascent up to Sheridan Peak. Wonderful shaded route through the forest with occasional grand overlooks over Coastal Range forest.

Drive Enjoyment

The Pavement on Bald Mountain Access is in excellent condition. However it is a 1 lane forest road with OHV crossings. None of the corners are labeled with suggested speed signs, so you need to be on your toes. Since this is a one lane road, you need to aware of oncoming vehicles. Heaviest traffic (if you can call it that, I rarely see anyone up there) will be on summer weekends. Bible Creek has not fared as well. At one time someone thought it was a 2 lane road. You can just make out the double yellow that looks like it hasn't been painted in 2 decades. Occasional potholes and road cracks to look out for.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no facilities to speak of. However, at the top of Bald Mountain Access, you will come to a large turnout with a viewpoint. There is a sign that says Sheridan Peak ->. Make a right up this short road to a parking area, there is a Restroom Shack thing. I cannot guarantee it will be stocked with TP, on my last visit it was.

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November 5, 2018
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Other
This is an awesome stretch, one lane, very safe and absolutely beautiful. The one lane makes it very fun, lots of leaning, great road quality. It's twisty and that's what makes it fun. If you are into straight roads, then this isn't for you. There's absolutely no gravel patches on this road - there is however one 100 ft rough spot to watch out for after a large parking lot once you pass the Sheridan Peak. No traffic unless on a weekend.

We went through it last weekend and the detour from the main Nestucca Road is clearly marked. Didn't check for TP at the bathroom up top, but did pull into the parking, very nice spot for a break and a snack. You can expect beautiful foliage cover on this road.

Beware that this road gets snow in the winter, so don't attempt on a clear day in January. Reserve this for late spring, summer or fall.

Once the road joins back to the big Y as mentioned above, you could theoretically visit the nearby Niagara fall (so called) in the area, but there's a gravel road to get to it - so dual sport bike recommended.

Cheers and be safe
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