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By Marvelicious (65 McR Points) on Aug 17, 2022

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Written Directions

The east end of this route is easy to find on the north side of Scappoose where it intersects highway 30. It winds through some rural/residential areas before climbing into forested hills. It winds through mixed forest and clear-cuts before dropping back down into the Nehalem river valley to intersect highway 47 around 5 miles north of Vernonia at Pittsburg.


Rural Oregon hills, sparsely populated. The older forest sections in the middle are pleasant and shady. Not a lot of extended views on this stretch due to the hills and trees. Scappoose itself is mostly a bedroom community with interesting older buildings in the center of town.

Drive Enjoyment

Mostly sweeping corners with a few twisties here and there to keep you on your toes. A good mix with the exception of the east end where it is pretty straight for a couple of miles. A moderate climb through the middle. Road conditions are usually decent, thought active logging is always a possibility so be prepared for dust, gravel and bark strewn onto corners. Pavement is pretty good as of late summer 2022.

Tourism Opportunities

There is a linear trail that parallels most of this route and there are several small parks where you can pull off and take a break. Not much for amenities, but a couple of them have outhouses. Not ideal, but better than nothing if you're caught short! The trail is a well groomed easy hike.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This can be turned into a good loop with Apiary road and highway 47 without every touching highway 30 (boring) but the country roads between the east end of this and the north end of Apiary are an absolute maze... You can spend a lot of time out here exploring as long as you aren't frightened off by some gravel or the sound of banjo music... Keep an eye on the fuel gauge. You may need your GPS to find your way back out.

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