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By ouch (14 McR Points) on Aug 11, 2020

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I been everywhwere
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August 15, 2020
Between Salem Oregon and Eugene there are 5 major…

Written Directions

This is the way for motorcycle riders to get from Eugene to the coast ... way better than Route 126. From Eugene. Head to Junction City on 99. Signs for Mapleton--Rte 36 are clearly marked and the turn is about 2 miles before getting to Junction City. It will be a left hand turn. If coming from the North, go through Junction City on 99, turn right on 36. The route ends in Mapleton Oregon- At the terminus, which is a three way stop light, you can continue straight on to Florence or turn left on 126 and head back to Eugene


All scenery is subjective. This route is rural and has nice views of the coast range and you will be following the North Fork of the Siuslaw for about half the route. Very nice river scenery.

Drive Enjoyment

Road is in very good condition, with lots of recent paving and has lots of 25-40 mph twisty's, Most of which begin just before Triangle Lake (traveling from East to West.) Limited traffic for the entire route, except for about 2 miles at the small resort town of Triangle Lake. You so go through Coast Range, so there is some up and down, but only about 2k elevation change. Probably the best motorcycle road to get from the Willamette Valley to the coast. Much more fun than 126 out of Eugene, which is the road preferred by cagers and which has A-more traffic, B-fewer turns and C-is less scenic.

Tourism Opportunities

Not a lot of historic sites/ museums etc. But Triangle Lake is a very active little town in the summer, There is a natural waterslide on the left after you pass the town (coming from Eugene) If you want to see it and maybe have a swim yourself. look for a lot of cars parked on the both sides of the road and people walking towards the slide. You should be able to find it easily. If you are hungry or thirsty, the town itself has a few bars and restaurants which are easy to spot from the road. If you are a fisherman, the North Fork of the Siuslaw is a world class steelhead stream. If you just want to rubberneck a bit, there are many pull outs along the river to pull over and just enjoy the view and/or have a snack.

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I been everywhwere
August 15, 2020
14 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
Between Salem Oregon and Eugene there are 5 major ways to get to the coast. Starting at Salem, from North to south, they are Rte 22 ( out of Salem, which splits into 18), Rtes 20 and 34 (out of Corvallis. 20 goes to Newport and 34 to Waldport), Rte 36 (Junction City) and Rte 126 (Eugene). The Junction City route is probably the best of all of them, although 34 out of Corvallis to Waldport is a close second.
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