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By Ted Bohne (10 McR Points) on Jul 16, 2023

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Written Directions

This is the best ride you have never heard of. Mountain tops, water falls, twisty turns and a little bit of mountain highway too. From Lake Toxaway - travel the lesser traveled 281 - decent road with no car traffic to 215 north. You will only see cyclist on this gorgeous tree canopy twisty turny. Then jump on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the mountain top cooler weather 6,000+ elevation takes the heat out. Start to warm back up as you head on 19 through Cherokee. Now you can pick up some speed 0n 74 which is a 4 lane divided highway for about 11 miles to grab 28 and 64 into Highlands. Some of the most spectacular riding you have never heard about. Be on the look out for several water falls along the way.


Many Parkway Scenic lookouts - Including the highest point on the Blue Ridge Soco Falls - small little hike down to a a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole Highlands and Cashiers

Drive Enjoyment

All smooth roads with hundreds of tight turns. A little bit of mountain divided highway from Cherokee to Franklin but the rest is very lightly traveled mountain roads. The Snake and Tail of the Dragon have nothing on this longer and more picturesque ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Lots of eating on the western part of the trip. There is no fuel between Toxaway and Cherokee so be sure to fuel up.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review