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By Mark B. (262 McR Points) on Aug 05, 2020

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Written Directions

In Asheville at the intersection of College St, Town Mountain Rd and Martin Luther King Dr turn onto Town Mountain Rd (Hwy 694) and head north. This road ends in 6 miles when it intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway.


The scenery is limited because from start to finish you are in heavy tree cover. There are a few opportunities to see across Asheville, but they happen quickly with no good pullouts to stop and take it in.

Drive Enjoyment

It's unique in that in a few short miles you go from the congestion of downtown Asheville to the forest of the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you start in Asheville you'll climb several hundred feet in a short time. It's also fun to travel the other direction because of the way Asheville just appears as you descend through the forest.

Tourism Opportunities

This route is a quick way to get from the BRP to downtown Asheville. Once in the city you have access to a vast array of lodging, food, fuel and entertainment options.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

The elevation change in the 6-miles is drastic. This results in temperatures that can be 10-30 degrees colder at the top. You may also experience rain or fog along one section and warm sunny skies at another.

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