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By Kelsey (5 McR Points) on Aug 31, 2014

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Written Directions

This route starts anywhere in Wilmington, NC and loops back to where you started. Down town is a great place to take off from. As you leave Wilmington you want to get on 76 west and check out the cape fear river as you cross over the cape fear memorial bridge. You will take your immediate right to follow 421 N. 421 is a double lane high way that opens up to country side. From there you take a left on Blueberry Rd. Which is a single lane with a few fun curves and takes you to Currie NC. From there you take a right and follow 210 E through a bunch of farm land, and merge onto 133. This is where you will find a great little restaurant called Paul's place Hot Dogs. After you grab a bite to eat you head back to Wilmington on 133 S. It's a fun short ride.


This route leaves a beach town and opens up to some really pretty country side and farm land. You also cruise through a couple small towns along the way.

Drive Enjoyment

This route is pretty smooth through out with some fun curves. The cape fear memorial bridge is a metal draw bridge and can be slick when wet.

Tourism Opportunities

Once you get out of Wilmington there aren't a lot of gas stations until the end of the loop. But don't miss Paul's Place hot dog restaurant.

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