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By mopedmaster (12 McR Points) on May 13, 2018

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Written Directions

Turn north onto Perth Rd from NC-150 and make a left on State Park Rd. (6 mi). Follow State Park Rd to St. Johns Rd (~4mi). Make a right at the end of St John's Rd onto E Monbo Rd. Follow E Monbo Rd Pineville Rd (slight left <0.5mi). Follow Pineville Rd to Buffalo Shoals Rd. After you cross the Catawba River (bridge), make an immediate left on Kale Rd. At the end of Kale Rd make a left on Long Island Rd. The second right should be Monbo Rd. Follow Monbo Rd to Molly's Backbone Rd (right turn). Follow Molly's Backbone to Sherills Ford Rd and make a left. Follow Sherills Ford Rd to NC-150 and make a left. Follow NC-150 back to the starting point.


Route goes through Duke Power State Park, several water crossings along with a short ride along the bank of the Catawba River. Farmland/rural driving.

Drive Enjoyment

Well maintained roads throughout, gentle curves, great short and scenic route for solo or with a passenger.

Tourism Opportunities

Gas stations along NC-150 and midway through the ride as well. Not a lot of amenities to speak of on back roads, but there are some opportunities for fishing / recreation along the way.

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