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By Akumu (3001 McR Points) on Sep 28, 2019

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Written Directions

The road is between Burnsville and Micahville off of US Route 19E in NC. This is for the section of the road NORTH of 19E. A review has already been posted for the section south of 19E. So to ride this route, simply start at NC Route 197 here and ride north all the way up to the town of Relief, NC.


Mountain twisties mixed with rolling hills and settling into a river road for awhile before activating some more twisties. The scenery is best described by my video attached to the route review here.

Drive Enjoyment

I don't seem to recall any real short coming of the pavement. As usual, keep your eyes peeled for loose change around the corners.

Tourism Opportunities

Mountain and river road. No amenities until you get on 19E in NC or 26 in TN.

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No reviews added for this route. Write a review