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By TwistedRider (11 McR Points) on May 29, 2013

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November 23, 2019
As you can see in the videos I've posted, this…

Written Directions

Start: Lake Toxaway, NC Highway 281; North on 281 to Right (East) on Charley's Creek Rd becomes Explorer Rd; Right (South) on 215; go 5.2 miles to Right (West) on Tanasee Gap Rd becomes Joe House Rd. The loop ends back at 281


Don't count on seeing much of the lake, but otherwise very nice run through the woods. There is better scenery in the area, run this road for the road.. not the view.

Drive Enjoyment

If you are a Twisted Road junkie, this is a great route for you! Watch out for gravel here and there. VERY little traffic and few intersections. It's in the middle of nowhere! This route will keep you VERY busy with well banked very sharp technical turns.

Tourism Opportunities

Nothing is there ... at all. You can find amenities of all sorts in town (Cashiers). But absolutely NOTHING on the actual route.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is one of my favorite little runs. You can pick it up from the south at the lake as the route suggests OR if you are riding the Blue Ridge Parkway you can jump off onto 215 from there. I promise you if you like lots of fast twisted roads (very technical) go for it. If you like mountain scenery slow sweeping turns, stay on the Parkway and skip this one.

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North Carolina Route 281 (South)
North Carolina Route 281 (North)
North Carolina Route 281 (North)
NC CR 1756 - Charley's Creek Road (East)
NC CR 1756 - Charley's Creek Road (East)
NC CR 1756 - Charley's Creek Road (East) PUPPY IN THE ROAD!
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November 23, 2019
3555 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
As you can see in the videos I've posted, this route knows a good time. It's yet another example of 'Fine, don't ride it. I'll have it all to myself.' because as it's so low rated on the site, and I've RARELY seen traffic on it, it's a real hidden gem. There's nothing boring about any of this route, and yearly, I look forward to hitting all of these roads up. Twisties, sweepers, ups and downs, it's got it all. Short of the locals going to and fro you can be fairly sure of having no traffic, either.
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