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By Akumu (3916 McR Points) on May 30, 2021

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Exit 59 off of I-26 and US 74 near Saluda, North Carolina you can set your GPS/phone for Green River Cove Road. It's not hidden, though it is narrow. If coming from Saluda's 176 take Ozone Drive north to Green River Cove Road.


There's nothing to see, really. The road is so tight and stuck in canopy that there's just nothing to see except for the road and the green of the trees. You're going to be WAY too damned busy trying not to fall off of one of the hairpins to bother looking around at jack.

Drive Enjoyment

The ride enjoyment is up there just because of the friggin' craziness of this little bugger. The road was made by crazies, and it's just hairpin after hairpin, and they're so tight that they force you to go wide. Just mind the possibility of oncoming traffic.

Tourism Opportunities

Apparently there's a zip line, water tubing, falls, parks and camps all around the area. It seems as if this is a destination for a lot of fun stuff.

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Feel free to check out my YouTube video of this road, in the videos section, and also many MANY roads in the PA, OH, WV, VA, MD, NC and TN areas. www.youtube.com/AkumuX

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