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By Akumu (3839 McR Points) on Nov 22, 2019

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The south end of this road is just south of Cullasaja, NC on Highway 64/28 (Highlands Rd.) you'll see an 'Elijay Road' sign, but take care because it's just your average street sign, not some big honking thing or anything like a route sign, as it is a county route. The north end of this road dumps in Route 107 very near Forest Hills, NC. (Route 107 dumps in Business Rt. 23 in Slyva, NC, and Business 23 dumps into 23, which dumps into 74.) Honestly, Elijay stands out pretty good on a Google maps view of the area near Franklin and Sylva, NC. It should be noted that I recommend going 'up' Elijay, which means starting off near Franklin, NC.


The scenery is quite good. Lots of canvas forestry with the residential area slowly slipping away, assuming you're going north, into just straight up forest. You're basically climbing a mountain, so the further you go the better things look. However, I would say this is the wrong road to be stopping and looking at scenery on. It's a fairly thin road with not to many places to pull off. This is a rode that like to be ridden.

Drive Enjoyment

This route is tricky for motorcyclists. It's tricky in that I struggle to put it up for motorcyclists. In 2018 I spotted and rode this road and wasn't overly impressed. Oh sure, it's a regular strand of spaghetti on the map, but the road surface is only 'so-so' to 'fair' for much of the road. So, I deleted the video I made on the bike and forgot about the road, silently wishing they would pay the thing from stem to stern. However, I went back in 2019 in my car (a hot hatchback - google it if you don't know what a 'hot hatch' is) and the road just clicked in place now that I'm not struggling for grip, dealing with ripples and just basically spending more time looking at the road for stuff to dodge than actually enjoying the road. The conclusion? This is a car road...until they pave it properly. Well, perhaps a motorcycle road if you don't mind going slow, taking some lumps/ripples and minding a bit of gravel. The car didn't care about that, barely at all, and I had a blast, as did my father following me in his Boxster.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no amenities at all on the road. While I don't ride for the amenities, I would imagine there's plenty to do/eat/see etc in Franklin, Sylva and the surrounding areas. There is simply nothing on this road, though.

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I know this isn't carroads.com for the twisties, but literally thousands of car drivers visit this site for the low down on twisties. So, I don't feel too bad pimping this 'car road.' When NC DOT gets off of their asses and lays down new black top it will be a properly worth experience on two wheels. In the mean time take care on a bike on this road.

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