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By tymorgan95 (10 McR Points) on Jul 29, 2015

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Written Directions

Begin this route by turning onto the Emerald Isle bridge from Cape Carteret (US-70). Once you cross over onto the island you are now on HWY-58/Emerald Drive. Continue on this road until you reach Fort Macon State Park. You must remain straight on this road from Emerald Isle to reach Fort Macon.


The beginning of the route will take you over the Emerald Isle bridge which crosses over Bogue Sound. You will see beautiful beach houses while crossing the island. In between Emerald Isle and Indian Beach you will be able to see Bogue Sound on your left and the Atlantic Ocean on your right. It is beautiful! Once you reach Fort Macon, you will see the Fort on your left and the Beaufort Inlet and Shackleford Banks to your right.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads from Cape Carteret to Fort Macon are maintained well. There are very few holes and bumps in the road. It's a great ride!

Tourism Opportunities

There dozens and dozens of restaurants on the island as well as surf shops and stores! Some of the county's best restaurants can be found on the island! Be sure to stop along the way to get a t-shirt or suvenior!

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This is an amazing ride with beautiful scenery! Take this ride if you are in the area!

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