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By Jay_on_2 (5 McR Points) on Mar 23, 2017

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September 10, 2017
I really enjoyed this ride. Super convenient…

Written Directions

FYI, this route takes about an hour to complete. Near Knightdale, NC: - Begin at the intersection of Poole Rd and Bethlehem Rd. Go south on Bethlehem Rd (away from Knightdale, and toward Garner/Clayton) 2.60 mi - Turn right onto Mial Plantation Rd 2.21 mi - Mial Plantation Rd becomes Shotwell Rd 1.47 mi - Turn left onto Covered Bridge Rd 12.75 mi - Turn left onto NC Highway 231 0.50 mi - Turn left onto NC Highway (your first left) 96 0.04 mi - Turn right onto Lake Wendell Rd (your first right) 3.22 mi - Turn left onto Wendell Rd 2.86 mi - Turn right onto Buffalo Rd 3.84 mi - Buffalo Rd becomes Eagle Rock Rd 1.03 mi - Turn left onto Lake Myra Rd 2.13 mi - Turn left onto Poole Rd 3.27 mi End of loop


This route explores the areas connecting Knightdale, Clayton, Archer's Lodge, and Wendell. Mostly tree-lined and shaded back roads, it's a real treat during the fall when the leaves change. Along the way, you'll pass a lake/pond or two, as well as cross the Neuse River.

Drive Enjoyment

The route has plenty of curves and a few hills, as it was designed not be monotonous. The pavement in most places is far to good, with the occasional loose gravel near a few intersections and driveways.

Tourism Opportunities

Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of amenities along this route, as it's mostly residential areas. There are a few small convenience stores along the way, as well as park areas near the lakes/ponds.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

First off, I love this site and the concept behind it. For those who enjoy the ride, there's nothing like having a resource such as this where you can find interesting rides, already planned out. The inspiration for this route came from the lack of routes convenient to those who live to those who live south and east of Raleigh. The thought was to design a route that was at once scenic, curvy, and accessible to those who might not have the time or desire to travel 30 minutes out of the way for an enjoyable ride. I hope all who try it will enjoy it.

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September 10, 2017
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
I really enjoyed this ride. Super convenient because it's right in my own backyard. Just enough twisties to keep it interesting, lots of beautiful farmland. Most of the Covered Bridge Road has been resurfaced recently. Good job to the creator of this loop, I definitely needed this in my life.
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