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By iopfer (10 McR Points) on Jan 13, 2018

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November 16, 2019
Just too short but with a taste of Nebraska…

Written Directions

From US Route 75 take a left on to Clay St./P32. Stay on Rd P32 heading west for four miles then turn right on to Rd P35. Stay on Rd P35 heading north till you once again meet US Route 75.


This route is 9.3 miles of road that is full of rolling hills, loose and sharp curves,with hilltops over looking valleys of tall trees and small quaint ponds. At the top of the hills you can see for miles! Almost never any other vehicles on the road.

Drive Enjoyment

The first four miles are lightly curved rolling hills but the last five miles are much more technical. It offers sharp banked curves that lead into uphill and down hill climbs. The road is paved all the way through with no shoulder.Occasionally there is gravel on the road due to farm vehicles using this route. So ride safe.

Tourism Opportunities

There are fueling stations just north and south of this route in Blair and Ft. Calhoun. As well as bar and grills for food and drink.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

The road is most scenic in autumn due to the leaves of the trees turning all shades of color.

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November 16, 2019
2267 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
Just too short but with a taste of Nebraska country life.
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