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By FosterH0ME (12 McR Points) on Mar 09, 2012

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May 6, 2012
Considering I live right on this route, I've…

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This road is Hwy 9 or KS 9 out of Lancaster off of 73 hwy. It goes a long way. I road it approximately 100 miles and it is a wonderful time. Nothing like you expect from any road in Kansas! You just stay on ks 9 and follow the signs then turn around when you feel like and do it all over again!


The area is rolling hills and flat farms areas for the most part. Prettier than many areas in Kansas but nothing like the scenery in other areas of the US. More than worth the ride though.

Drive Enjoyment

There are a number of tight turns marked 25 mph interspersed between long straight sections. Tons of fun! Except for the occasional muck from the farmers coming onto the road out of their muddy fields, I found the road to be in decent condition. Watch for deer, farm equipment and unexpected gravel in turns though.

Tourism Opportunities

There were a few things here and there but it is few and far between. Start with a full tank of gas and you will be better off. If you start and end in Atchison you have many options at your disposal.

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May 6, 2012
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Considering I live right on this route, I've logged miles on most of it. The fun part is finding the cafes, bars, and bed&breakfasts on this road! Kansas has scenery all it's own!
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