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Written Directions

Starting point Medicine Lodge, KS and take Hwy 160 west to Coldwater, KS. Turn south at Coldwater, KS on Hwy 183/1 into Oklahoma (between Buffalo, OK and Freedom, OK. Turn east on Hwy 64 to Alva, Ok. Turn North on Hwy 281 to Medicine Lodge, KS. Loop ends up being approximately 150 miles.


This follows the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway. You'll see great views of Gyphills (AKA Gypsum Hills). This area includes large canyons, red rocks and soils, open country, and grasslands. Scenic Byway noted for the open plains and gypsum hills clear into Oklahoma. Will see occasional turkey, pheasant, quail, deer, and other small animals. Beautiful in spring with wildflowers and fall with the tall prairie grass.

Drive Enjoyment

Road is fairly straight given that it is in SC Kansas. The scenery makes up for the lack of turns, there are some great hills with natural beauty.

Tourism Opportunities

You'll find camping at Coldwater Lake and a couple of cafes along the way.

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- View the weather forecast for this area from Yahoo weather .

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