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By knipp30 (5 McR Points) on Jan 19, 2014

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In the small town of Junction City, Kansas lies a sport bike riders dream. With roughly 17 twists and turns packed inside a small 7 mile strip. This is the perfect road for anyone wanting to get a small adrenaline rush. Located just south off exit 299 on I-70. This road is a great detour to get you on to Hwy 77.


This route is yet another that shows off central Kansas' famous Flint Hills. There are crests that over watch the JC and Manhattan area. As well as beautiful farm land

Drive Enjoyment

As with most roads in this area, the paving is not as good as it once was, but there aren't any potholes. You must keep a lookout for sand, though, as the wind likes to be very active in this area. I've road this strip 20 times and have only had a major issue with the road once or twice.

Tourism Opportunities

This is a small back road, at the start of the road, there is the interstate, and at the end, is hwy 77. Turn north on to hwy 77 and you will find a gas station another 5 min up the road.

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