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Written Directions

Izu Skyline's north end is just Northwest of Atami where Hwy 20 intersects Hwy 11. The South end of the road dumps onto Hwy 111 2km West of Ito.


This road runs along the ridge line of the Izu peninsula. The route can be run north to south or vice versa. There are a number of scenic overlooks and shrines scattered along the route. The landmark Mt. Omuro, an extinct volcano, can be visited just east of the Southern end of the route.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is paved and well-maintained. You will encounter a lot of sweeping turns as well as plenty of tight twisty turns. This road has sections that appeal to sports bikes as well as cruisers.

Tourism Opportunities

There are restaurants scattered along the road. At any of the toll gates spaced along the route you'll find gas and food. There is lodging at either end in the nearby towns and there is even a campground midway down the route if you're so inclined.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review