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Written Directions

The north end of this road is at the dam on the north end of Lake Ashi. Lake Ashi is 8km southeast of the city of Gotenba. The road runs along the west side of Lake Ashi up in the hills. The southern end of this road is at the southern end of Lake Ashi and intersects with Route 1.


This road runs along the ridge line to the west of Lake Ashi. There are a number of scenic pullout points along the road that provide great views of Fujisan to the west or Lake Ashi to the east. On a very clear day one might be able to see south out to the Pacific Ocean.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is well paved and maintained by the local government. The scenic pullouts are paved in most places with a handful of smaller gravel ones.

Tourism Opportunities

Do not expect the need for a lot of amenities on this route. It's so short that there is only one restaurant and rest stop near the southern end of the road. For more amenities one need only continue around to the east side of Lake Ashi where there is a hot spring, an aquarium, and numerous restaurants. You can try the "famous" black egg (hard boiled egg blackened by volcanic sulfur).

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