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By Brian Hagmeier (7 McR Points) on Jan 24, 2015

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August 15, 2016
This was a great route except for one portion,…

Written Directions

This loop will start and end at the Coralville Reservoir spillway at the south end of the lake. I run this loop counter clockwise by heading east across the damn. Stay on Prairie Du Chien Rd NE for 2 miles until you come to a stop sign. Turn left onto Newport Rd NE. at about 2.5 miles you'll take another left onto Sugar Bottom Rd NE. This is where the fun begins! It's about 6 miles of twisty road BUT it has a lot of drive way entrances so ride smart. At the end of this road is a stop sign, turn right heading north to Solon. In Solon turn left at the first stop sign you come to. In 6 blocks you'll come to Big Grove Brewery either stop in and try their food and beer or turn left onto Main St. This will head out of town and become Route 382/County Rd F16 follow that for about 2 miles then turn right onto Ely Rd. You'll only ride about 1 mile then turn left on 140th st. NE. This road has only a mile or so of gravel but it rarely has traffic. It can also be flooded out in two locations in the spring. But the scenery and twists make it well worth the small amount of off pavement riding. This road becomes Sandy Beach Rd NE and will take you about 6 miles to Shueville. Turn left on 120th St NE. This will take you over the freeway 218/380 to a stop sign at IA-965, turn left. In a mile or so you'll pass the Cedar Ridge Vineyards, worth a stop if you have the time. Or continue on IA-965 till you reach North Liberty. At the stop light on W Penn St turn left. Go about 4 and a half blocks and then veer onto Dubuque St. In a few blocks you'll see Red's Ale House on the right side. Also a great stop. Follow this road on out of town for about 3.5 miles till you see the entrance to the Coralville Reservoir at W Overlook Rd NE. It'll be on the left. Now simply follow this road back down to the spillway.


This route has everything Iowa has to offer. You'll pass through farm lands, state parks and small local communities. You'll find more than enough twists, turns and hills to keep even a veteran rider happy.

Drive Enjoyment

About 75% of the roads on this route are in excellent condition. 20% are old highways or patched black tops and 5% is gravel. But the gravel is in one spot, straight and very low to no traffic.

Tourism Opportunities

This ride will take you past multiple camping and recreation areas. Multiple gas stations evenly dispersed throughout the route and some of the best places to eat in the area. Big Grove Brewing has excellent food and brews their own beer on site. You'll also pass Cedar Ridge Vineyard who not only has fantastic wine but also distills it's own bourbon on site. Then in North Liberty there's Red's Ale House with excellent food and a huge selection of top shelf beers.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

There's an alternate route incase of flooding on the north end of the loop. Simply stay on Ely Rd until you get to the 120th St. NE road. This will effectively bypass the two locations that might be closed do to high water. BUT, I'd strongly suggest you be adventurous and take this lower route if it's passable because it has some of the best scenery of the trip.

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August 15, 2016
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
This was a great route except for one portion, the portion where Sandy Beach road takes a sharp right (North) turn, then turns east on 140th street. This was all gravel, very loose gravel. Not recommended, take the highway around this section.
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