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By SkipS83 (5 McR Points) on Sep 13, 2014

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March 6, 2018
An enjoyable ride through the less-developed…

Written Directions

Start in East Ft. Myers at Highway 31. Head east on Highway 78 to Highway 27.


This road trip starts at the intersection of Highway 31 and 78. Heading east you will travel through Oak Hammocks, Palmetto, and cow pastures. Not heavaly traveled. Nice turns. Labelle is a nice town to grab lunch. When you hit Highway 27 you could go north and circle around to 29 south to 74 which takes you back to highway 31. Nice places to stop and picnic also.

Drive Enjoyment

Nice sweeping curves, Shade trees, open fields. Not heavily populated.

Tourism Opportunities

Labelle is only town that has restaraunts to stop at. Pack a lunch if you can and stop at the Caloosa mitigation park or at north side of Franklin Locks.

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March 6, 2018
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An enjoyable ride through the less-developed inner Florida. Once I had left the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area behind me and was heading east on route 78, it was a very relaxing ride all the way to LaBelle. I should probably have circled back at that point, but instead decided to head down Route 80 to Lake Okechobee. This was not so pleasant with lots of big trucks and side winds. I got all the way to Clewiston before turning round and heading back to the Fort Myers area.

Next time, when I get to LaBelle, I will take the more northern Route 78 eastbound and see where that takes me.

Very happy that I wear a full face helmet, as the bugs were quite prolific!
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