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By Roadgator (5 McR Points) on Jan 26, 2016

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Christopher Kmet
327 McR Points
May 23, 2021
Not much in the way of services or challenge:;…

Written Directions

Start at Lithia Pinecrest and Fishhawlk Blvd. Fuel up at the gas station on the corner as there is only one station in the middle of the ride. Take Lithia Pinecrest Road southeast to Route 39. Take a right (go south) on Route 39 down to route 674 and take a left (head east). Take this all the way over to Route 37 and take a left (head north) on 37. Follow this up to Pinecrest road and take a left (head west) on Pinecrest all the way back to Route 39 thus completing your loop. Town starting is Fishhawk ranch area near Riverview. Ends in same area.


Lots of sprawling fields, lakes, and orange orchards. Passes by the Teco plant that is the only one in Florida that has a tower that is called a Gasifier.

Drive Enjoyment

Last time I road it there were only a few rough areas but nothing to be concerned about. Road are very well maintained. Be on the lookout for roadkill as you will see it.

Tourism Opportunities

There is hardly anything as far as stores in the area except the mid point and start/end.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Nice ride but do not do during night as you will run into Deer, Hogs, and alligators almost 100% of the time.

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Christopher Kmet
May 23, 2021
327 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
Not much in the way of services or challenge:; however, plenty of wildlife especially at dusk.
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