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By BoneJj (10 McR Points) on Mar 10, 2012

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May 28, 2013
If you don't fill your tank, it's not a ride.…

Written Directions

In port Charlotte at the intersection of 41 and 776 head north on Paulson Dr, take the 1st keft onto Prineville St., continue onto South Haberland Blvd., continue onto Panacea Blvd., turn left onto N Toledo Blade Blvd and head back towards H41/Tamiami Trl.


It's not the best scenery but it's still decent, Toledo Blade Blvd. is kind of open and 4lane, Pancea is the treat of the trip though, it's very open and lots of nice areas out there and couple spots you might want to pull over and just sit for a bit at, where they thought they were going to put in more roads, lots of trees and untouched areas out there. Haberland is through a residential area and is an okay road, it's 2 lane so pass with care.

Drive Enjoyment

Toledo Blade is pretty much a new road all the way through. You'll find new coble stone for crosswalks and the other roads are pretty great as well, I haven't seen anything on this rout that is bad. Just be careful if you take price as it has some potholes on one of the ends of it and they are not small. In fact, don't go to the southwest end of price! The route marked in this trip is great throughout though.

Tourism Opportunities

At price and Toledo Blade you will find a shopping center loaded with goods. I would recommend the Michelangelo's restaurant out there. Great sandwiches and their pies are pretty good as well. I just stopped in there for the first time recently and it's now going to be a regular for me. There is also the wings joint on the end of the plaza, they regularly show the games and fights there. It can get pretty packed but it's worth it to go there. Hidden goods in North Port / Port Charlotte.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Be careful with your speed in North Port, the cops out there can be pretty hard on speeders. Don't end up one of their statistics.

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May 28, 2013
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
If you don't fill your tank, it's not a ride. Aside, it's just a little neighborhood jaunt - stay near your home and do the same
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