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By MCR Contributor (1039 McR Points) on May 22, 2011

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October 8, 2011
I'm new to riding and enjoyed this route very…

Written Directions

Start out in Ashford, CT. at the intersection of rtes 44 and 74 heading east on rte 44. Ride past the famous Hole in the Wall camp as you head out to rte 198 where you will turn left onto 198 (eastford rd). Soon in you will come to a funky intersection, go straight across and slightly left. Your next turn is a left onto rte. 171(bigelow hollow rd). Your next turn is a right onto rte 197 (old turnpike rd). Follow this for quite some time, into the small town of Quinebaug where you will take a right onto rte 131(quinebaug rd). This will become rte 12 (Riverside dr). You can either take a right at West Thompson rd. and follow that to rte 171 (Woodstock ave) and take a right and then a left onto rte 169 (Norwich/worcester tpk) and then a right onto rte 44 west in Pomfret heading back to the starting point. Or- you can follow rte 12 to 44 west and back to the start. Or- after turning onto West Thompson rd take a right onto171, take a right at 198 and then a left onto rte 44 west.


Small villages, old farms and CT. forests highlight this route. Sparsely populated and very picturesque.

Drive Enjoyment

Roads are in good shape, winding and fun to cruise on. Traffic is minimal and the rolling hills and farm country is beautiful.

Tourism Opportunities

Not a lot to do along the way. I recommend breakfast at a little place right at the start of the route at the junction of 44/74. I also recommend fueling up there.

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October 8, 2011
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
I'm new to riding and enjoyed this route very much. There are a lot of nice curves and traffic is minimal. The views were good and there were many motorcycle enthusiasts out during today's ride. Appreciate the suggestion. Thanks again.
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