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By LikeAPuma (5 McR Points) on Aug 26, 2016

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Written Directions

Start off at the intersection of 195 & 89. Head north and just keep on going! It's a pretty straightforward route, with good signage, so it's tough to get lost (and isn't that half the fun anyways?)


You'll start off passing past the Mansfield Hollow Dam (look quick, it's on your right). You'll end up following the Hop River for a while, and going through the forest a bit. A few nice fields, sometimes with guest appearances by deer. There's also a park or two that you can stop at for pictures/rest

Drive Enjoyment

The pavement is smooth and well maintained, minus a few frost heaves in a few spots. Limited amount of traffic, so if you get behind a car, it's worth it to pass (where legal, of course). There is a nice stretch of nice corners a few miles into the route.

Tourism Opportunities

I don't think there's any amenities that are literally on this route. If you need fuel, take a left at Rt 44. Cumberland's is right there. For food, there is Midway Restaurant (take a left on Rt 44), Ashford Dairy Bar (just past Midway), as well as Traveler's Restaurant (take a Right on 190 & follow for 5 minutes).

Motorcycle Road Additional info

It's a short ride, but I go out of my way to include it, if I'm in the area. I almost always "need" to make a detour to the Ashford Dairy Bar. If you're looking for a loop, take Rt 190 north to Rt 171 through Bigelow Hollow (They're described in other rides here). Take 171 to 198 and Rt 6 before cutting across Bassettes Bridge Rd.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review