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By tphillips (15 McR Points) on Aug 09, 2015

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Written Directions

Starting in downtown Basalt, take the main road east toward Ruidi Reservoir which is Frying Pan Road. This road tracks the Frying Pan River and upon leaving town quickly gets fun and interesting. Follow it for approximately 33 miles up past the Reservoir to its termination at a trail head for off-roaders. Mountains, river, lake, twisties -- this road has it all.


This route has as its start the quaint town of Basalt. Heading east out of town on Frying Pan Road takes you quickly to winding roads with red cliffs and bluffs overlooking the road and Frying Pan River. The river tracks along the road about 20 miles up the valley to Ruedi Reservoir, an emerald blue lake that is a surprise in this highland. Keep traveling past the reservoir another 10-15 miles to the terminus of the road and trail head for off-roaders. It is well worth the side trip if you are near Glenwood Springs or Aspen.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is well maintained, 2 lanes, and serves as main route to Ruiedi Reservoir. It has blind curves and hills for driveways and other access roads. Good surface all the way up the valley to terminus.

Tourism Opportunities

Once you get out of Basalt there are NO services up the valley - no food, no gas, and no cell service.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review