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By MCR Contributor (999 McR Points) on Mar 18, 2021

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Written Directions

This route travels through the Black Forest just northeast of Colorado Springs and heads north up into the Ponderosa Park and Pinery area just southeast of Denver. Written directions will be added later. For now, just use the map provided above.


If you know Colorado, you know its a semi-arid climate and so trees in some areas are either scare or non-existent making for some bleak scenery depending where you are in the state. The flatter areas of the state lie east of I-25 and much of this area is relatively void of forest however there are a couple of exceptions such as the Black Forest area and the Ponderosa Park area. This route takes you through those areas on the few paved roads in a nice loop. To see what I mean, switch to the satellite view of the map and you'll see that this route travels through some of the few green forested areas of the land east of I-25. Finding a route that both is fully paved and is in a nice loop is no small task as you will find that most roads in this area a gravel/dirt which for many riders like myself, is something I avoid. The scenery in this area is very beautiful and somewhat unique. As mentioned there is a lot of forest land, and at times it opens up and gives you great views of the Rocky Mountain front range as well as some beautiful serene rolling plans that make up the area just east of where the mountains begin. And, if you like looking at some beautiful country homes, ranging from modest to multi-million dollar estates, this is the variety you'll see along this path.

Drive Enjoyment

Ride enjoyment depends on your preferences. I normally like a ride that is a bit more curvy thin this but I have to admit that some times a milder ride like this hits the spot. This route has some gentle turns and it is never straight for too long but you won't find twisties along its path or steep hills but still, again, very relaxed and enjoyable ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Really not much out here other than houses and a few stops for food or gas. But I will say that this route drives near (not right next too ... you have to take slight detour to get there) Castlewood Canyon State Park. This is a real gem of a park that many people who have lived in the area for years don't know of. It's a really cool looking small but long canyon area with great little modest hiking trails. Yes, you could jump off the bike and take in a mile or so of walking and you wouldn't feel like you were in over your heads (its not like your climbing mountains or anything intense like that ... just walking along some trails that are well groomed and offer great views, bathrooms, and picnic areas. Again, it is definitely worth the stop and a chance to get off the bike and stretch the legs.

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