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Written Directions

At Bents Old Fort 8 miles North East of La Junta CO. head south west on CO 194 to La Junta, Turn South on Co 109 crossing the Arkansas river and US Hwy 50 Continue South on CO Hwy 109 through La Junta. Continue south for about 56 miles to US Hwy 160 to an information and history display and the town of Kim.


This route begins at Bents Old Fort (which is a fun and interesting place to visit) and follows the Arkansas river traveling through farm country until you reach La Junta, Once through La Junta you enter a high desert plain for several miles. mostly straight road at this point, after a few miles you drop down into the canyon and encounter a some curves and hills and a fantastic cruise through a high desert canyon. Lots of small trees and rough, rocky cliffs. Once through the canyon you are back in the high plains and are mostly alone. There are several side roads that are gravel and would be of interest to the Adventure touring riders, Not the typical mountain scenery one associates with Colorado, but not the typical eastern plains either.

Drive Enjoyment

Road is well maintained, flat at both ends of the ride with gentle twists, curves and hills in the middle. There is very little shoulder on this road but it is not narrow. It has not been repaved for a while but it is in very good condition.This road does at times have heavy truck traffic so potholes and slow vehicles could be lurking, wild life is also a concern ,mostly jackrabbits and antelope but they tend to be hard to hit.

Tourism Opportunities

One does not travel this road to be pampered by roadside amenities, Once you leave La Junta there is nothing! Although La Junta has almost everything one would need, that is where solitude begins, There is a small store in Kim with a gas pump, and I have heard there is good food to be had, but they are usually closed on the weekends. This is the road you choose when you want to get away from it all! The nearest services are 44 miles straight east of Kim via US 160 in Springfield CO, or if you are using this route to head west, Trinidad is about 72 miles west on US 160

Motorcycle Road Additional info

CO 109 is a nice scenic addition to some of the southern Colorado rides already published, If you like riding in isolation this is a good run. Just don't forget to top off the tank in La Junta, Also this route is used by commercial vehicles (to get around the port of entry at Lamar and construction) and they tend to travel a little slower due to the hills and curves) but it is not generally heavily used.

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